Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love my Iranian heritage. I think its so neat and it explains so much of why I am how I am. These are some of my favorite pictures from my parents' last trip there. I think they are so beautiful.
I hope someday I will get to see it for myself and visit the family I have there.

This is where the real deal pita bread comes from. 
Jacob and Scarlet are OBSESSED with pita. We bring $40 worth of pita home 
from Edmonton each time now.

I can't imagine eating pomegranates as casually as we eat apples. I would LOVE that.

So many pomegranates!

Fruit stands make me really happy.

I love the architecture there.

Farmers Market heaven! My parents brought home cute elf-ish slippers for all of us. 
Timmy especially loves his.

Goats everywhere.

More markets. This is the Bargain Barn times 1 jillion.

This is a restaurant. Isn't it so enchanting.

This is how the food goes down. A long table cloth on the floor and lots 
of family and lots of the best food ever.

This is Persepolis. I can't believe my parents saw it in real life.

These spice shops call to me. I love learning about spices and collecting them. They just don't do it like this here. Isn't it genius the way they layer them so it looks so pretty.

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M. said...

Sarra the photos at the top of your blog are beautiful!! My little Jasmine, all grown up ;)

I'm so jealous of your parents trip, i'd love to go there...