Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Pet Show

This is the trip to the PET SHOW! Amber called to let us know about it and I was so thankful because it was so great. Any kid in town with a pet was invited. We brought Cutie and Chirp. The morning of the show I sent the kids outside to get their chickens ready and to practice their tricks. After a little while, Charlie came stomping inside, slams the front door and slumps down on the couch and this is what he said:
"My chicken isn't good at anything. And Jacob's flies good and Jane's is doing everything good. Mine just runs around. Jane's stands on sticks and mine just jumps off. I'm not good at taking care of my chick."

I tried hard not to laugh but it was adorable.

Here are the kids waiting for their category.
This was the best part for me. Chirp is Jane's chicken and look how relaxed it is with Jane. It just lays its neck over he arm when she holds it.
Here is the judging.
Both Jane and Charlie got First Place. The prize was $3 each! Notice how Chirp lays in Jane's one arm like a newborn baby. It just stays like that.
We went out the lake with friends and Chirp came with us.
It was roosting on the back of the truck while we were boating. It just stayed there until we got back.
I don't think I've put a picture of our coop on here yet. This is the Eglu in our backyard. It's worked out really well. We would totally recommend it if you want an easy chicken coop.


Julie said...

I want to be Jane. I want chickens to cuddle with and I want that giraffe print bathing suit most of all.

Sarah B said...

Chirp, cutest/funniest name-I love it! Are they good egg layers, or just fun pets?