Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Menacing Mustaches

I love this evening light at my parents house. Its so nice to go home for a week in the summertime. My parents like to take me for a walk around the yard to show me how much the trees have grown since the last time. I think they may have passed that love on to me because I've been appreciating trees more and more.

The Museum of Alberta. Actually a pretty smoke'in museum. We were so impressed with the quality of the displays. It was perfect because they had the coolest bugs and thats exactly what we've been studying lately. We've been pinning butterflies at home so the kids were amazed at the thousands of colorful, pinned butterflies they had on display- along with lots of other neato bugs. There is also a wonderful rocks and gems collection that was fun for the kids too.

My little Scarlet baby.

We do I have white babies!?
This is the best picture of my life right now. Thats pure joy.

Actually, I changed my mind, this is the best picture of my life right now. Uncle Jared with his new mustache.

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