Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hungry, Tired, and Neglected

We finally had our Red Brick Reunion. I was really looking forward to it and then I couldn't believe it was really happening. Texas, 2 Utah's, Seattle and Canada somehow finding each other at Shuswap Lake, B.C. Mishy sort of forgot her passport... Julie got a speeding ticket, Mary and I got stuck in traffic for hours but in the end, it was well worth the journey. It's so cool how so much has changed, yet so much is the same. I hope we make it a regular tradition.

So yes, let it be known, I may have crossed over into nerd land when I sewed these matching tank tops but come on, look how cute we are in our pictures all matching. Notice the red brick print :0)
This is us so excited that we still get along flawlessly and that things feel pretty much the same as they always did.
This is us looking into the distance and promising to be friends forever. Cornball.
This is us wishing we got to do this more often.
I did some intense manicures as usual.
We totally matched by accident. It was crazy. Now we know we must have met before this life...
Her Buddha was gone but we still like her.
K, this Mary girl really inspired me this weekend. She is so selfless and full of love for wherever people are at in their life and she laughs contagiously and I love love love her. This is us waiting for Mishy to have her passport delivered via the next Delta flight.
We did alot of jumping?? Why is that?? Maybe it made us feel younger.
Mish and I debated this cliff for way too long. It was sort of my fault but I am glad I had her with me.

Meet Melisa the enchilada goddess of love.

Meet Mary
She's got some shocking moves.

Meet Julie
Alaska the beautiful.

Meet Mishy. "I can do anything good."
We played Hedbanz, charades, and Texas Hold'em, we set off fireworks, we laughed together, cliff jumped, ate good food, laughed together, did some boating, watched a killer thunder storm, laughed together, did pedicures and massages,  discussed Julie's love life, went to the sea store, did lots and lots of laying around on the dock, laughed together, slept outside under the stars and talked all night, laughed together, talked about the state of our uteri... did some morning exercise and yoga, did our fortunes,  looked at old pictures from freshmen year, my heart is so attached to these girlies.
Most of the laughing was because of these two turtle doves. Greg and Nicole. The coolest couple ever! They were such a treat to have there. It wouldn't have been the same without them.


mere said...

I love love love you too!!!! We have to make this an annual tradition, but even if it doesn't happen. We will see eachother every christmas and summer regardless. I'm not ever going to Canada without seeing you too! And you better call me if you come to Utah. Timmy's family will have to spare you for a lunch at least.

M. said...

ah! I love you girls.... looks so fun. We had our freshman reunion last sept and i already want another one... I miss them.