Saturday, August 28, 2010

Camping with the Woods, in the woods

We planned a little trip to B.C. and the Woods joined us. We were so happy to have them come. Timmy and I both noted on the way home how much they feel like family to us.
She loves when I wipe her hands and cheeks...
My kids love Jody. We have to fight over who gets to talk to her first.
This guy belongs in the wilderness.
Jacob and Bailey falling in love on the savannah.
We had this killer spot on the beach all to ourselves.
The sand was so clean and soft and white and nice.
Timmy was suspiciously camper guy this time. I was trying to figure out what got into him.
Talon made bed head look good.
Love birds. These two had a moment while we were up late talking and it was so cute.
Sweat huts are for eating broccoli.
Sand toys all day.
Sandy cracks.
Timmy and Tobin stayed in there for way too long. I couldn't take it.
Lots of boating.

Tin foil dinners, salmon, smores, watermelon. Love camping food.
Jade the doggy came with us too- she's awesome.

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