Friday, August 13, 2010

All you need is LOVE

So tomorrow is our anniversary. We've been married so long that we're starting to look the alike... o.k. maybe 8 years isn't long enough for that. But it's long enough for all this:

 *why I love him*

1. He is a funny guy and makes me laugh.
2. He loves to read and reading is sexy.
3. He writes copious amounts of love letters and poems for me. HOT.
4. He's from Chicago. Super hot.
5. He has these steel blue eyes.  They look deep into your soul.
6. He has a deep understanding and appreciation for motherhood.
7. He tells me he wants to give me wings to fly.
8. He encourages and takes part in my ideas, projects and new interests.
9. He has worked hard since I met him to provide for our family- when we were first married he 
took a side job at a chocolate factory so we could afford our apartment.
10. He has an intense resolve to do what is right.
11. He has taught me to communicate when we disagree, so that we work things out quickly.
12. He prays with me in the morning before he leaves for work and gives me "I missed you for real" hugs when he gets home.
13. He says he can never fall asleep without me there.
14. He folds every speck of laundry always. It makes me feel guilty sometimes.
15. He loves/needs order in his life. Me too.
16. He is a writer and can spell your head off. That's hot.
17. He is happy about any meal I make, as long as there's lots of it.
18. He is a journal keeping dude (love him on Sundays with his leather-bound, inscribed journal 
from my mom on his lap).
19. He grew up with a solid rock of a mom from Vermont that loves traveling, mailing special packages to loved ones, and the gospel. He calls her every Sunday.
20. He tells me he loves me even when I am pretending to be mad at him. Love his brave heart. 
21. He gets scared when he goes over to the church at night to play basketball by himself.
22. He is a very present father to our 4 biscuits.
23. He is an awesome singer and sings around the house all the time. He makes up 
little tunes for each of the kids names.
24. He strives for transparency. Its inspiring.
25. He is very thoughtful when discussing delicate matters.
26.  He lives the gospel.
27.  He wears a suit 6 days a week.  HOT.
28. He wants to go on a mission with me someday.  
29. He is extra mindful of me when I am pregnant and loves the belly.
30. He reads my blog.
31. He likes me to get away once in a while and keeps house flawlessly.
32. He loves to snuggle.
33. He appreciates my style.
34. He'd rather hang out with the family then go out with his guy buddies 
and is not afraid to admit that.
35. He shows up during the daytime to meet up with us wherever we are, even if its just for a few minutes.
36. He calls me from work every. single. day.
37. I often get surprised with flowers for no reason. 
38. He gave me the William Blake poem, The Clod and the Pebble and I know why. 


Liesel said...

wow, you were super young when you got married. 8 years! sounds like you got a great one.

Elizabeth said...

You forgot to mention that he is the greatest son in law ever known to the world:) and he loves to cut grass!

M. said...

holy crap, it's been 8 years?!! AAAH!

Congrats :)

mere said...

Happy Anniversary Sarra and Timmy! It was okay to let you go to that one, he is a gem.

Cammie said...

What a wonderful list! I'm so glad you are together. Happy Anniversary!

tracie said...

and that he vacuums and scrubs the tub....happy anniversary!!!!