Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 We LOVE pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon butter and maple syrup.
 We used these skeletons to learn the names of our bones.
I froze bugs in the ice cubes.

Jane made this spooky Halloween garland.

We had daily face painting most of the month.

Ghosty pancakes.

Halloween stickers.

Lots of dressing up all month.

2 lions, a lady bug, a unicorn, and a parrot.

The best part of this Halloween for me, was wearing a witch nose one morning and galloping around the school room on a broom, while cackling... They kids squealed and ran into the school room closet and locked themselves in together. It was HILARIOUS. They were astonished to see me act like that. I don't blame them, as I try to stay in my little comfort zone as much as possible. They were quite caught off guard. I can still see Charlie's face in my mind, looking at me incredulously, half liking it and half terrified.

Ward Halloween Trunk or Treat


Elizabeth said...

Love everything about this post - the letters, the nature poems, the costumes (parrot in particular), the face painting, the pumpkin pancakes! EVERYTHING.

Tisha said...

ditto what your mom said :-) but I want to add the out of character witch-nose-cackling-on-pretend-broomstick-mom moment, LOVED that! and completely understand the looks you are talking about- some of my favorite moments of motherhood, when your kids realize you are really just a big kid and a lot of fun too! :-)