Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Scoopy Lou

I came across this tea party one day. Looks like all Scarlet's friends were invited but me.

My mom sewed this little petticoat for me when I was little. Both my girls have worn it.

Big blues.

She was so proud of her Belle bandaid. She has a weird high tolerance for pain which she doesn't get from me.

This month we had a little scare. Scarlet was limping and in a lot of pain. It turned out she might have had an infection in her hip which could've been serious so we had to spend a night in the hospital. Everything was ok and we got to home in the morning.

I had to take a picture of this dolly because it's he cutest thing ever. Scarlet's primary leader, Jewel, made it! EVERYBODY looks up to Jewel- she's AMAZING!


Elizabeth said...

Scoopy didn't get it from Timmy either:)

Elizabeth said...

I love that little Scoopy does baba!