Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elder Lynn G. Robbins - What Manner of Men and Women Ought Ye to Be?

In helping children discover who they are and helping strengthen their self-worth, we can appropriately compliment their achievement or behavior—the do. But it would be even wiser to focus our primary praise on their character and beliefs—who they are.


mere said...

This was my favorite talk for sure

Serena Cherry said...

This is one of my favorites and even more because my family was his neighbor in Guatemala for 3 years. My dad told me after this talk that Elder Robbins was one of the best men he has ever met. I agree. And he does have some strong willed, wonderful children.

I love the truth that he told about looking at what a blessing your child is for you, not just about yourself as a victim and martyr when things are difficult. Parenthood is a journey for all of us, and such a blessing. I look back on who I was before children and after and I am humble to know how much the Lord has blessed me with what I can handle. Obviously He has helped me to grow every step on the way. I am very grateful for the experience.

Sarra Eaton said...

Serena, that is so cool. I forgot about your Guatemalan life. I like everything you said. There's definitely so many things I've learned that I couldn't have any leaned any other way. Nothing could be more refining. Thinking about how I've changed since kids makes me feel so old! Thanks for sharing.