Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Story Countdown
I recently came across an idea that reminded me of “the 12 Days of Christmas”.  Each day, your family will get to open a plastic egg containing a scripture and an object that illustrates the scripture. The eggs tell, chronologically, of the events of the crucifixion and resurrection. What is so great about this is it helps children and adults alike, focus on the real symbol of Easter… our Savior Jesus Christ!
Although this activity is very simple and easy, it is meant to help everyone deeply reflect on the true meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it. Your family can use this activity as a count down to Easter or during dinner one night during the Easter season.
I also want to encourage you to build the activity and store it away to be used year after year!
Here are the instructions:
1) Gather 12 different plastic eggs and number them 1-12.  When the eggs are filled, you will be placing them either in an empty egg carton or a basket.
2) In each egg you will put a piece of paper with a scripture on it.  You will also add a small item to represent the passage to be read.  (If you have more than one child, you might want to put double or triple the number of items in every egg so each child can each take something away from the activity.)
3) If you choose to count down to Easter, open one egg each day, starting 12 days before Easter. Read the message aloud to the family and look up the Scripture in the Bible. Don’t forget to pray together and thank the Lord for that particular aspect of the crucifixion and resurrection!
Here are the egg contents:
1. Bread or small cracker pieces – For the last meal Jesus ate with His friends – Mark 14:22 or Luke 22:14
2. Rooster (a picture of a rooster or a feather) – Jesus told predicted that Peter would lie three different times and say he didn’t know Jesus. – Matthew 26:33
3. Three silver dimes – Judas takes 30 pieces of silver money from some bad people then he helps them catch Jesus. – Luke 22:3-5, Luke 22:47-52 and Matthew 26:14-15
4. Thorns – People were mad that Jesus said He was the Son of God, so they made a crown of pointy thorns to put on His head. – Matthew 27:29-31 and Mark 15:17
5. Nails – Jesus was nailed to a cross. They left Him hanging there until He died, even though He hadn’t done anything wrong. – Matthew 27:31 and Luke 23:33 and Luke 23:40-41
6. The cross – (a small metal or paper one will do). They placed his cross on a hill between two other men who were criminals.
7. Dice – When the soldiers crucified Jesus, they took his clothes and played a game to decide who would get his clothes. – John 19:23-24
8. Spear (toothpick) – One of the soldiers pierced Jesus side.
9. Gauze or white cloth – After Jesus died, His friends wrapped Him up with cloth and lay Him in a special cave, a tomb. Luke 23:53 and Matthew 27:57-60
10. Cinnamon sticks (burial spices) – Three women brought special spices to anoint Jesus body. – Mark 16:1
11. Stone or a rock – The ones who had killed him put a large rock over the mouth of the tomb, the cave to make sure no one could get Jesus out. –Matthew 27:62-65 and Matthew 28:66
12. Empty! – Three days later, the huge rock was moved and Jesus was gone from the tomb. An angel said He was alive again! This day is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday. – Luke 24:3,6 and Matthew 28:2-6
If you would like to reduce this to seven eggs use the bread, three silver dimes, thorns, nails, gauze, rock, and empty!


Elizabeth said...

Cool! Please make sure you buy plastic eggs made in the USA or Canada:)

just me said...

Thanks so much for the link... So glad you like the activity! I hope you had a great Easter and are having a great summer! : )