Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sweetie Pie

This is how Scarlet says cheese. She puts her hands up in front of her. I also want to note here that she dies for applesauce. Like a big jar a day loves it. She also loves hummus so we let her in our family club.  She's been talking all of a sudden and we laugh so hard when she surprises us with new words.

The other night Timmy took Scarlet up to bed for night night and she was so sad to go. We were all sitting, reading stories and she knew she was missing it. She cried a lot on the way up to bed and Jane couldn't take it. She came and hugged me and had a nice little cry for her little sister's pain. I get that feeling at times myself. Its hard for a little heart to handle.

We are loving the Little House series and trying out all the old fashioned recipes. Snow + maple syrup= snow candy. 

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Liesel said...

Scarlet is a cutie-patootie. The hairband is lovely.