Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bundles of Joy and lots of PAIN

As you can see by the picture I was completely enamored by new, little Julia. She was an ANGEL the entire time we visited, she smelled yummy and she let me cuddle her while she slept the afternoon away. Never have I seen a more winsome baby. 
The kids of course made her some fairies.

Now to applaud this new mommy. Amy was a lovely, happy mommy. GORGEOUS as always, healthy and well adjusted. Pat was pretty impressive too, even though he demanded I bring him cookies when I come :0) I have to tell one story about our visit because nothing like this has ever happened to me. Amy was telling me all the labor and delivery details, which I always look forward to hearing from new moms but this time, I don't know what happened to me. I don't know if its because I love Amy so I was really trying to empathize and imagine what it was like or what but Amy put me into labor! I am not kidding. She literally had to stop telling me about the delivery because I was about to pass out. When she started talking about it I was fine but then all of a sudden I got so warm and queasy and light headed. My kids can never tell me I don't have an imagination after that. I think I've been traumatized by pregnancy one too many times that I can't even listen to stories about it lately because the same thing happened last night with Tim. We were talking about when we want to have another baby etc. and I got a queasy tummy again. Apparently the memories of pain have not faded yet like they are supposed to. Anyways, Amy and I must be best buddies since I felt her labor pains cathartically!!!

SOOOOOO excited for Amy and her sweet family.

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