Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fashion Picks of the Day

Some of these need a shirt underneath but I'm used to that so I love them nonetheless.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Koalas everywhere

I like how Jacob pinched his Koala from Brad on to his castle. Not quite a castle thing :0)

Each of the kids have their own old school suitcase to keep all their treasures in. It works good because they can take them around the house and outside and stuff. Notice another Koala from Brad pinned to the top fringe of the suitcase.

Speaking of Brad... (sorry Brad! I still feel bad about that day). 
Why does every sister do this at least once.

I love this picture because I was inside and I caught this little moment. They were enjoying each others company in the sunshine, with the chickens in the box next to them. I took the picture through our front window.

Their first art show!! Aunt Julie would be so proud. They had prepared for a few weeks so it was fun to build up to the day.

Jacob made homemade marbles he sculpted from clay. He mixed the colors and worked hard getting them smooth.

Here is their table. Charlie brought some of his melted bead things.

Jane brought her Fairy land.

They all worked on this bug display. We spent hours catching butterflies and dragon flies and bees and wasps and caterpillars and flies and beetles and moths and spiders. We caught them in a net, then put them in a kill jar, then spread them and pinned them. Once they were dried we mounted them in this display case. It was a neat project for them because they could do it totally by themselves.

Why doesn't everyone have a bonnet?

Jane and I did this to our toes while at Grammy's. Grammy has copious amounts of polish and nail stuff so of course she had all the colors of the rainbow.
 I may have been born in the wrong century... because I just ordered this bonnet. I couldn't help myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My First Garden

I found these pics on my camera. I ALWAYS find pictures on my camera. One of the kids must have decided to take some shots of the new garden. I am glad to have them- what a good idea.

My friend Andrea stopped by on a sunny Sunday with these beautiful herbs. She had them tied with ribbon in a cute bag. It was such a thoughtful gift. Nothing makes me happier than fresh, garden treats. I used every last bit of them. The picture below is my vegetable soup with the fresh thyme she brought me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
~Albert Einstein

We have been learning about pressing flowers and found these out in the wild. 

The fun never stops...

The kids ran 1 mile every morning for 2 months. They were training for their first race and it was so fun to see them work towards a goal. They tried really hard to fun the whole way without stopping. I got to run with them and I loved how they both wanted to hold my hand so it was a 3 person run thing we had going on. Sweetness.

Clams are a marvelous invention. We cut through the muscles on each side and popped that baby right open.

We found all kinds of neato parts in there.

This is what remained once we had finished. Sick! I had to hold my shirt over my nose so I didn't gag.

Charlie is brave and likes to slice things. Jane gets sicked out like me. Jacob likes to poke mostly.
Check out the investigating going on here.

We scraped his skull to get to the brain and saw his grody eyeball from the inside. I should have had breakfast first b/c I started to for real feel sick.

Chicky Chick Chick

Jane is Fern and Chirp is Wilbur. Basically these two are bonded for life.

This is Jane making her chick peep in the window like a puppet. We were all laughing.


Tim while looking on mls at our house listing:
"I wanna buy our house."

Tim dead serious:
"I am so inflexible. I think I'd rather be punched in the face."

My friend Leslie on helping me find out why I was so sick:
"Maybe you had some weird meat-or maybe a bean?"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I like collections. Charlie gets it from me.

"I like your scarf"
I love the books up there.
This is going to be my next paint color.

LOVE this movie.

Little Scarlet would have happy fairy dreams in this crib.

A Piece of Heaven

Is there anything more luxurious than this? Nope.
Just leave me here for a few hours...

Friday, July 2, 2010

More Hair

Jane felt pretty cool wearing pencils in her hair to school. So studious that way.
This one was for Jillian's Grad. 

I posted a while back about how the kids got to help Taylor ask Jillian to grad and how it was so exciting for them to be part of that. Well, it was even more exciting to meet Jill at the temple to get pics with her.  Look at this dress! We were dying to see her in it. She seriously stole the show. She was stunning and so sweet. She is such a beautiful girl in every way. We hope she has happy adventures next year in college. We miss her already.

Heart Strings

My artist of an aunt, Souror, lives in Iran. She posted this picture. Although is she faraway, and we don't speak the same language, I feel a closeness to her. I wish she could fly, cage or not, here.