Monday, December 24, 2012


The kids were all so unusually cooperative for these pictures. I couldn't believe it.

Aunt Jenny whipped up these curls, of course, as I only know how to let them wild and free.

I will die when he leaves on his mission. I've already decided.

Dreamy chocolate boy.

She couldn't get enough of Aunt Jenny's dance moves.

This is the reason I wanted family pictures. I usually get fancy baby pics and I still hadn't for Ezra.

Who says we won't grow old and start looking alike. I think I'm starting to see it already.
Am I really related to all these beautiful people??!

Seems like our family pictures have a short shelf life- we'll need a new one in 6 more months.

I was disappointed I didn't get the couch to myself, seeing that 
I'm the only girl and therefore, the most special child in the family...

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Elizabeth said...

That last one made me totally laugh out loud! You are one bundle of joy for sure:)))))))))))))))))