Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Time

Charlie lost his first tooth this summer. It took him a while to lose one. He got a geometry set from the tooth fairy. HA. For some reason I really enjoyed that one. He was excited and we've already learned how to draw and measure angles. We're moving on to circles next.

We girls worked on this little craft one afternoon. We made teacup candles (inspired by Mariah) for some of our loveliest friends. Jane made matching ones for her and her friend Emma. They made a promise to each other to light them and blow it out each night before bed. They are a dramatic pair of friends!

I super enjoyed the garden veggies this summer. We tried some new ones this summer, like Kohlrabi and Papaya Pear Squash. I made whole wheat flatbread pizza with butternut squash pizza sauce, carmelized onions, feta, zucchini, tomatoes, pineapple. It was like a whole garden on a pizza ;)

 We celebrated President Monson's birthday (August 21st) with the Toones for FHE. We ate pumpkin birthday cake and we had a Pres. Monson lesson together. We spent lots of time with the Toone's this summer- it was the BEST.

This picture is brutal but it was such a sweet moment. Charlie recited some poetry for our friend Milo. 

Tim took a day off last minute and we cruised to Lethbridge for a picnic at Broxburn Farm. We try to make a point of visiting farms since there's only a few months out of the year that we can. It was almost a perfect day except that we missed the Spencer's.

We picked raspberries and strawberries.

I love this shot of Jane. She played cello for 2 hours straight in front of our house. She came in the house with 5 bucks after!

 We had 2 goals to finish in August. One, was to finish our Story of the World text because it was the only thing lingering from last school year. Second, was to study The Proclamation. We dismantled it, a paragraph at a time.

Eggspert buzzers are great to quiz on anything.

You can buy Venus flytraps at Safeway for $8. Why in the world was I not informed of this. It was fascinating to watch a carnivorous plant close on stuff we poked it with. We brought one to our besties, the Walter's, when we went to visit. 

Our late night feast. We had a terrific time with these guys. It was tragic to leave them- our kids play seamlessly together.

Charlie made a photo album for Brady. He was excited to bring it to him. We collected all the pictures we had of them together and them Charlie worked on it using Blurb.      


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Timothy said...

That was fun to see the Walters and hang with them at their new house for a couple of days. Wade and Amber gave some killer talks in their new ward.