Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I've been lucky enough to have had a few face painting lessons from my friend Shay- the face painting queen of the world. She is an awesome teacher! She dropped stuff off at my house so I could practice on my kids and a few neighbourhood kids. Then, she asked me to help her at a carnival
 so I could practice for real. The carnival was like slave labor for like 2 hours 
straight which was great hands on learning. I promise I've improved since this ladybug...
Every Monday the kids choose a fancy new vocabulary word from a list of words I've been collecting. They write it on our Word of the Week display. 
So far, Polymath, Prodigality, Odium.
They use them during the week, but so out of context! It can be pretty funny.
So we are copying school and got a parachute. It's an important part of childhood- I lived for parachute day at school so I didn't want my kids to miss out on that ;)

Track day.

Scarlet was been amazing this year. I made more of an effort to have things planned for her too so that she is occupied while we are working. She has something new in her workbox each morning- things like paints and poster board, sequins and glue and paper, stickers and paper, blocks of ice with toys inside, fairy wings etc. I think it's made her feel more included. Now she thinks she's in school too, so she's trying to be cooperative, which is not her specialty...

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