Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TEDxSF - Louie Schwartzberg - Gratitude

I watched this video with the kids this morning and we talked about gratitude. They looked up "thanks" in their scripture index and we did some reading. Then we discussed how recognizing all the blessings we have (like the beauty of nature we just watched in this video) will help us to be positive, not complain and lift those around us. There's a part in the video that said "each day is a gift." I taught them about the gift of agency. We decided together that today we can choose to be grateful and positive or ungrateful and negative. We can choose to count stars or to count mud puddles.

Here is what they came up with after our lesson. Jane's is on top, then Charlie, then Jacob's. Jane had some neat "ungrateful" things, like a thorn, wind blowing off her hat and dogs with their hair standing up on their backs. I liked how Jacob was grateful for colors.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, I really enjoyed this - should watch it once/month:)

Gail Eaton said...

Sarra,that was exquisite!!! Thanks for sharing it! Love you!

Gail Eaton said...

Sarra, This was exquisite!!! Thanks for sharing it! Love you! Gail