Sunday, March 18, 2012

School Time

Caterpillar math. Charlie is always emptying his piggy bank and counting his money. I like it because it's good math practice. Now we make coin caterpillars and add it up.

Timmy writes in his journal every Sunday and now Charlie has started to copy him. I found him on my bed writing. 

Jacob memorized the main skeletal bones. He knows some fun ones like humerus, clavicle, patella, tibia, femur, pelvis etc. He also knows all 50 states and all the Provinces!

Jacob made this pompom/marshmallow/cotton ball popper. Just cut off the bottom of a plastic cup. Cut the end off of a balloon and spread it over the cup on the end you cut off. Now when you pull on the balloon tail and let go it shoots the pompom. Set up a basket and have contests to see who can pop their pompom into the basket the most.
I cannot recommend these books enough. My kids are OBSESSED. Literally they will work on them for hours. Like hours and hours for weeks now. Jacob just turned five and he'll say things like, "Mom, does one thousand and twelve come after one zero one one?" Some of them go up in the thousands so it's been great for Jacob and Charlie to become so familiar with how numbers work.

You gotta click on some of these to see them up close. They are really neat.

This one is Jacob's.


Timothy said...

I love when the kids are anxiously engaged. The dot-to-dot books are great. I can't believe how long they can work on them in one sitting, day after day. And they are brilliant for sacrament meeting at church.

Elizabeth said...

Where do you get these and which one do they have? I'd like to pick up a couple to have here to do together.

Elizabeth said...

I found them, but which ones do you have already?