Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beauty Everywhere

Haven't posted a dresses in a while. 
                                                       This fancy one may be my all time favorite.

Love the colors.

I found this birdie puzzle for my mom. She and I and Tim did it together.

I posted a picture of a bracelet, just like the one I'm wearing above, a while back. My friend Melisa somehow figured out the pattern and made me one. She even made it the same color. One day it showed up in my mailbox. Needless to say, it was the best surprise ever. Even in college she was always making things for other people- she's sweet as can be. It was quite the inspiration too. I had never even heard of "tatting" but I soon found an older sister (old as in 80's) in my ward who knew how and she offered to give me lessons. This Sunday was my third lesson so I'm hoping to be able to surprise Melisa soon with a treat in return.
My hot brothers in Hawaii. Tanned and ripped. I love having three brothers.

Baby Isabelle turned 1 this weekend. She is as Beautiful as you get.

Snuggled brothers is beauty.

This is a picture of my dad as a little boy and his family. I think it's so exotic. He is the cute little boy in the front, middle. 

This is Souror. She is a designer and a lovely Aunty. I've only met her once, when I was 4 yrs old,  but my mom tells me that we are just like each other and that makes me happy. 


Jennifer Dehghani said...

That dress would look amazing on you. If only we weren't part of the g-unit. ;)

Elizabeth said...

I don't know where to much variety, and waves of feeling at each post...lots of great photos! I miss you guys!