Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Call Her Scoopy

Scarlet calls macaroni "Smackaroni" 
and none of us plan on filling her in on the real way to say it anytime soon.

The next thing I want to share about Scarlet is sort of sad. She gets mad at me when I'm not smiling. I must scowl a lot which is horrible! In my defense, it's not because I'm grumpy, most of the time it's just because my brain is so full- thinking of all I have to do. But Scarlet will say, "Mom are you happy?" and I will proceed to try and convince her I'm happy, but I'm just doing something. Then she scolds me, "Stop doing this.." and she'll imitate the face I'm making. Then I try to change my expression but I can't change it enough and she gets mad at me because she's not satisfied. 

1 comment:

Timothy said...

i will smack her roni all the day long!