Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seriously Genius

My little Scarlet has a "getting into mommy's makeup" problem thats been going on for months. When I came across this idea I had to try it, despite the fact that it isn't at all natural. I found the tutorial here 
It's basically old makeup containers filled with different colors of nail polish.
Let it dry and then voila! you have pretend makeup that's fun and looks super real.
I had three busy helpers so mine aren't perfect but I think Scarlet will be in heaven. We bought some little brushes and a mirror compact and some fancy bobby pins from the dollar store to go with it. 


Serena Cherry said...

So darling! I love love love this present! I pinned it on pinterest. Great idea.

Timothy said...

Scarlet can be a real biscuit, but she's cute when she does it...sometimes.

Mrs. Hokulani said...

Such a great idea. Though I'm not sure I'd use MAC cases since they have the recycle program where you turn in 6 cases and get either a free eye shadow or free lipstick. :D