Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eggs and Teeth

So it turns out I can get pretty fancy in the kitchen... well at least pretty fancy for Rice Krispie treats. I made these bird nests for the kids the day their friends Zach and Parley came to visit. We were thrilled to have C & Al coming to our house.That morning, I overheard the kids debating who's cheeks are squishier, Parley's or Scarlet's.

This is Parley chill'in in the chest. He's the BEST baby ever and the kids are right, his cheeks are definitely squishy.
Al finished dental school the weekend they visited so I made him this shirt in celebration. I did it the freezer paper stenciling way.  Probably the weirdest graduation gift ever.


Liesel said...

I love the shirt. Super cute. Now to see if he will actually wear it.

M. said...

yay! My mom used to make those rice crispy baskets. They make my heart happy.