Thursday, March 31, 2011

The fun just never stops

Best restaurant in Lethbridge by far. I was waiting for Mariah to try this place out. Indian food forever.

Her green polish matched the green sauce.

My eyes like to blink a lot.

The next day we spent the day in heaven. I can't believe we live so close to this place. Its unbelievable.
Thats Charlie rock'in his cross country skis.

Jane liked eating the snow mostly.

Jacob was a ripper. He was so fast and so happy. He never stopped smiling.

Scarlet listened to Elizabeth Mitchell playing from the iphone in my hood while we walked in the snow. 

Jane in the classic pose.

Eating snow. A lot.

Mark and Mariah took off for a while then met up with us for the last bit of the run.
I had the kids bellow "I'm alive!!" into the crisp mountain air. 

Yes. this is just half an hour from our house. Yes, its toothpaste blue.

Then we came home and ate this wonder. Mariah makes cupcakes of unusual size. Its peanut butter icing, and banana chocolate. I'm not joking. 

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