Monday, March 28, 2011


My camera is old and not good and I don't know anything about photography but these two made the pictures look good anyway. And YES they always dress this good and YES their names are Mark and Mariah which sounds so good together and YES they are best friends and YES Mariah woke up to Jane staring at her two days in a row. and YES I've been missing them all day today because they left this morning. and YES I have one million more pictures of them, don't you worry.

 Holy SMOKEHOUSE Mariah! She makes giant cupcakes with peanut butter icing too.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pics - and I thought you had a good camera?? Where is this blue wall located - it lends a magazine shoot feel...they look happy:)

mishel said...

Nicely done! Sarra is there anything you suck at??? I can't think of one thing!

Jason and Kamry Low said...

love the pictures... when did mark grow up??