Sunday, October 24, 2010

Turkeys are Chubby

We celebrated a birthday with our latin friends- The Sotello's, and it inspired me to make piniatas with the kids. I was actually so inspired that we started right when we got home at around 8pm. Little did I realize, that piniata making is quite an ordeal and once you get started you sort of have to finish. Needless to say, we were up late, covered in sticky stuff, talking the night away. But when we finished, we had 2 large turkeys to stuff with treasures and bust open on Thanksgiving.
This is my parents mantle, can you see which item doesn't belong? The colorful feathers and red gaggle give it away...
I added this picture because the boys discovered they could blow up the piniata balloons and stuff them in their shirts for muscles and it was so cute.

Here's the close up of our Turkey (yes, his head popped, leaving only a beak and gaggle and body).
This is the picture of the drive up to Gramma and Baba's house for Thanksgiving weekend. If you'll look closely you'll see the three of them asleep on the back row, and a little bunny cuddled up in there.
Here is some of the Thanksgiving madness. Mark wants everyone to see his muscles lately (he's been drinking a lot of muscle milk :0)
Charlie and I picked all these apples from Grammy's apple tree. These apples make hot pink applesauce.

The weather was wonderful- it was actually hammock weather!

Mom made a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner. All my favorite things were there and why does it taste so much better when mom makes it!??

Check out her classy table settings. Our napkins had a fall leaf around them.

Albert and Christa stopped by and it is always a treat to see their family. We feel so blessed to have sweet friends that make an effort to visit us.

We saved the turkey piniata for Zach and he took care of business, as you can see here.

It was full of random house hold items like buttons, and paperclips and some things from the toybox etc. It was funny how the kids were excited about it even though it was mostly their own stuff inside :0)

The Voravongs, our forever friends.

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Tisha said...

Pinatas are very much a part of our Thanksgiving tradition on my mom's side..there were 65 grandkids, 18 aunts and uncle, my grandparents, and at least 5-6 pinatas every Thanksgiving, all made by my aunts, all in varying levels of breaking difficulty! It's one of my favorite traditions and we've carried it on with our kids! It's so fun! Love your turkey pinata!