Sunday, September 5, 2010

Last Days of Summer

Jane and I have been reading Heidi all year and we finally finished it this summer. It is a lovely story and it was perfect for Jane. She was enthralled with the goats and Clara and Peter and Granny and the loft where Heidi sleeps and everything. My friend Amber told me about these cute dolls that are classic characters like Jo from Little Women or Mary Poppins or Fern from Charlotte's Web and of course Anne of Green Gables (my favorite). Anyways, they retail at $40 but I made a bid on ebay and got Heidi for 1 dollar!!! Seriously, how lucky. After we finished the book I put the doll on her bed and she found it when she woke up. She's been carrying it around with her ever since :0)

Jane canned pickles for her first time. We sort of made up our own recipe. We used dill from our garden and cinnamon sticks and garlic and apple cider vinegar and some other stuff. 

This is Charlie holding our avocado sprout. Check out how long the root is. Its to the bottom of our jar now so its time to plant in soil.

Does everyone remember this experiment. Classic.

We spent Saturday at Police Lake with our good friends the Michel's. They brought a canoe and we did some fishing and some bike riding and a campfire too. There happened to be a black bear on the other side of the lake and a bald eagle too! Charlie ate 3 minnows to show off for everyone. I couldn't believe it. He'll eat anything- so far in his short life he's consumed raw fish, plenty of dandelions, sardines at father/son camp and now 3 minnows. 

This Jacob boy is 3 and he rides a two wheeler like a pro! He's awesome on it. The best part is he doesn't even mind that its a princess bike...
He took off the first try and doesn't need any help. I have to admit it gave me a lump in my throat watching him. I think it felt like he grew up a little by doing that and I was a teeny bit sad. It didn't help that Charlie had just started Kindergarten too the same week. I want to freeze time right where it is right now. 

Here's my Kindergarten Charlie boy. He's totally loving his class and teacher. We are missing him a lot at home though.

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