Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beauty Everywhere

Beautiful picture #1.
This girl looks so much older to me in this picture. Her eyes are dazzling. She's been working on her embroidery. She caught on to the different stitches so quickly. She does the back stitch, satin stitch and straight stitch proficiently now. Beauty.
This picture is on my "beauty" post because baby Eli is the most darling baby ever. So chewy! Tim loves babies.

This day was beautiful. Tracie and Steve took us out to Hillspring for some tubing down their own private  river. The Gibb's land is unbelievable, there's waterfalls and enchanted woods and beach, and clifs, and hills...

Tracie was pretty proud of her fire, you can tell by the fact that she's taking a picture of it :0) It was pretty sweet though-  she acts like she's from California but she's totally a country girl!

On the way back we were all piled in the box of the truck and Jared was making me laugh so so so hard. It felt good to laugh hard like that. He was in a tower of tubes looking over a cliff and he kept making these worried sounds and I was dying of laughter. The best part was when Haylie and I said our goodbyes b/c we were so scared.
This moment was beautiful. Three rowdy kids climbing all over Uncle Jared.

They had him laughing so hard he could hardly breathe.

He's hiding from them here. Begging them to let him sleep :0) We loved Uncle Jared at our house. After he left, the kids kept saying, "I miss Uncle Jared. I wish Uncle Jared was here so we could make him laugh."

This was my beautiful gift for my moms birthday. She loves hydrangeas and I found these vintage cards at a thrift store in Babb, MT. Then I sewed here a lettuce bag (more info. on that to come), and I sewed her this little pouch, pictured below. All the fabric and lace and even the zipper, is from the BB. Then the best part was the yellow flower pins. Our friends' sister makes them. 
She has a shop on Etsy called Flower Yourself.


Royall said...

Love the dresses at the top, they're from the etsy seller sohomode aren't they? She made an awesome white one with red, blue, and yellow trim along the bottom a few months ago but I couldn't buy it because of my goal not to buy clothes for a year. Of course now it's sold, and I don't know if she will be able to make me a new one like it when my goal is done (3.5 more months) :(

Elizabeth said...

Royall, I should drop the hint your momma's way:)