Monday, July 26, 2010

Koalas everywhere

I like how Jacob pinched his Koala from Brad on to his castle. Not quite a castle thing :0)

Each of the kids have their own old school suitcase to keep all their treasures in. It works good because they can take them around the house and outside and stuff. Notice another Koala from Brad pinned to the top fringe of the suitcase.

Speaking of Brad... (sorry Brad! I still feel bad about that day). 
Why does every sister do this at least once.

I love this picture because I was inside and I caught this little moment. They were enjoying each others company in the sunshine, with the chickens in the box next to them. I took the picture through our front window.

Their first art show!! Aunt Julie would be so proud. They had prepared for a few weeks so it was fun to build up to the day.

Jacob made homemade marbles he sculpted from clay. He mixed the colors and worked hard getting them smooth.

Here is their table. Charlie brought some of his melted bead things.

Jane brought her Fairy land.

They all worked on this bug display. We spent hours catching butterflies and dragon flies and bees and wasps and caterpillars and flies and beetles and moths and spiders. We caught them in a net, then put them in a kill jar, then spread them and pinned them. Once they were dried we mounted them in this display case. It was a neat project for them because they could do it totally by themselves.

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Lew said...

You killed those insects! How dare you! I hope you sense the you guys!