Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer is Too Short Around Here

We turned our new oven box into not a Lemonade Stand, but a Fairy Stand. The kids had been working hard on their projects to sell. Jane made about 45 fairies and Charlie made quite a few of his Ikea bead things that you melt. They made posters, and decorated the box so it was pretty cute and luckily some friends showed up to help. This was probably the best part. My kids will hang out with the Holland kids anytime, anywhere. I don't know if they get along with anyone else as well. As you can see in the picture below, Jacob and Summer sort of have a thing going on.  This is what they did when I told everyone to get together for the picture. But don't worry, she says "yum" when he kisses her (its a long story). One of their great ideas was to sit inside the box and work on more merchandise while they waited for customers. Genius. They made about $15 but I think they divided it all up between all of them. I didn't even ever see the money- I am sure it went into pockets and got lost while they finished playing outside. 

Jane is so patient with Scarlet. Its so endearing. When Scarlet is having a hard time, which is 93% of the time we decided yesterday, Jane will take her to the backyard and push her in her swing and she loves it.

We don't really use the tramp for jumping, its more like for looking at the clouds, snuggling in our blankets and reading books, playing in the sprinkler and talking about life and as Jane says, watching time go by.

We got these plastic beaded necklaces from the BB and the kids cut them so that they were one straight line and then played with them ALL DAY. What were they playing you ask? Snakes. Who knew "snakes" could be so fun. So we got on good old You Tube and I showed them a few snake charmer clips which is the weirdest thing ever, and of course that led to busting out the recorder for some crazy snake charming. 
All this summer fun calls for homemade Tabi socks. Socks that Charlie can wear with his flip flops because its not good for his dry itchy skin to be barefoot all summer. So instead of buying them for $12/pair, I just drew around his toe with a marker while the socks were on, then sewed around the lines, then snipped them and VOILA. Free Tabi socks.


Cammie said...

We use to sell our fruit that we grew when we were little. Such fun times to be together. Your children are so lovely and I love how sweet Jane is with Scarlet. You're a wonderful mom.

Elizabeth said...

I like the trampoline's perfect for the activities you mentioned - the sweet smiles in the photo are like the balm of gilead to me....I'm serious!

Cammie said...

. . .and we had a trampoline that we liked to sleep on too! The ground was on a slight angle so sometimes we'd wake up and be really close to the edge! It was so fun.

Thanks for your great post.