Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scarlet the Owl

Yes, my 1 year old has Bling in her hair. You are never too young for Bling. Don't worry we only had to feed her a pound of chocolate chips to keep her still long enough to tie it in.

On the highway near my dad's work up north, there was 2 baby owls. My dad is an owl friend (for full story details visit my moms blog). He saved these little baby owls. He even fed them and now they live with their momma owl near by so the workers can visit them once in a while. The best part of the story is this. When we were up visiting my big brown brothers would get in Scarlet's space and she would play shy and turn her head away from them and hold it there until they moved away. We all thought it was so amusing. My dad said that it was so neat how far these owl could turn their heads and it was totally reminding him of little Scarlet and her shy head turn. I thought that was a cute comparison. 
The baby Scarlet look a like owl.

The two baby owls in my dads work truck. Scary!
I love when I check in the kids before bed and discover that two of them decided to have a sleepover.

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