Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer time fun

 She's very studious when she's sleeping.
 Living on the acreage is worth it if only for the gopher hunting.
 Hazel and her cute pals- Wynne and Noraya
 My first time seeing Charlotte smile. She was loving her Baba!
 Lots of cuties on one tractor.
 Ezra and Will 
Lots of time with kitties. 

 Sunday blossoms.
We've spent this summer incubating eggs. It's been quite miraculous to see the ducklings hatch. 
 We had a nice park day with our cousin Isaac!  
We were so happy to go to cousin Henry's birthday. He was such a darling birthday boy! We always enjoy the time with Jenny's side of the family. 
Jane was extra adorable on this group cello day so I caught a picture.  

The ZOO!!

 The penguins were definitely the highlight of our zoo trip.
 The flamingoes were pretty cool too.
 We couldn't wait to show Hazel the butterfly room.

 Jacob had a reunion with the monkey cage. When he was little we lost him at the zoo and this is the exact spot where we found him.

 Beaverhill Bird Observatory is our new favorite fieldtrip.
 It's a short hike into the cabin.
 The biologists are super passionate about birds! We learned so much in our short stay.
Lots of instruments and measurements.

 Jacob got to set this one free.

 Charlie found a quail nest.
And Ezra found a salamander. 
The birds are caught with mist nets and then the kids were able to take them off the nets and to the cabin in these cloth bags. 

We went to a livestock auction for another field trip. It was quite fascinating. 


Scarlet got a letter in the mail with a $60 check saying that she won a National Poetry Contest. First place! She also received the book her poem was published in called, Oodles and Oodles of Noodles and Poodles. It was funny how shy she was about it.

Scarlet still enjoys shopping for China dolls at thrift stores. She loves her American Doll from Grammy and I love when I find her playing with her dolls on her bed. Her friends surprised her with some handmade doll clothes which was the best gift ever!
She even has china doll hair!
I walked into this doll meeting the other day... 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Learning All the Time

 Jello fossil activity- permineralization and petrification. 
 She's very studious in her sleep
 Jacob continues to invent his own boardgames. 
 Scarlet teaching the littles how to draw bubbles.

We have the best home teacher! He gathered a bunch of supplies and came to teach us about fractional distillation. It was very hands on which was especially fun for the kids. We learned lots of new terminologies which made us feel smart. 

Jacob got to play in a ball hockey tournament with a friend. We were a bit worried about it since he'd never once played ball hockey but then we found out he scored 6 goals in the first game! Our worries quickly dissipated.

Four pianists, one piano. We have a fantastic music teacher! Don't be fooled- this is a small space for four plucky children. There was many a heated moment but we all survived.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Charlie is Twelve

We are so pleased with Charlie's eagerness to become a Deacon at church. He is very diligent about his duties. We are all trying our hardest to be ready for church on time so he can be early enough to pass the sacrament.