Friday, April 13, 2018

Family Fun

School clothes shopping at Value Village :) 
After many years of garage sale collecting we are now all set up for the season.

 Beautiful mommy and beautiful baby!
 Family Thanksgiving 
 Our favorite Chef is Baba.

 Notice our awesome Turkeys in the background!

 These three really know how to shake a tail feather!

 Our annual Halloween ghosts.
 Bruce Hotel check off our bucket list.
 Isaac loves the play kitchen!
 Special sleepover with Belly.

 Halloween with cousins is the best!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Little Brains

Scarlet made a birthday cupcake for her friend Miriam.
 The boys continue to hold meetings with their book club, The Book Bandits.
This is Charlie setting to teach his two piano students.

 Scarlet wrote a board book called, Banana Dips.
 The Nutcracker performance gets better and better.
Jacob and Hazel having a tea party complete with "dainties" as Jacob calls them. 
Always time for a good game of conkers. 
 We studied Ancient Greece this year since we were reading Homer's Odyssey.
 Greek Gods family tree.
 Perfect timing since the Winter Olympics were going on this year. 
The torches were a hit, obviously...

Feathers and Books

...whoever even once in his life has caught a perch or seen thrushes migrate in the autumn, when on clear, cool days they sweep in flocks over the village, will never really be a townsman and to the day of his death will have a longing for the open.
~Anton Checkhov, "Gooseberries"
It's been such a delight to study the art of nature journaling this year.

I love to capture the kids in their cozy readerly ways. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Summer 2017

Raspberry heads on legos :)
We had fun times with cousins in BC this summer. 
 Jane keeps us all supplied with friendship bracelets.
Kindred spirits. Friends like these two must be cherished forever. 
 Our neighbor Irving surprised us with fishing rods.
 Another summer visit with our closest friends. Oh how I love each of these little people.
 These boys spend a lot of time driving the car around the field :)
Slime time right before it was time to say farewell.

Our hearts crack off every time we say goodbye. It's a good thing friendships are eternal.

 We had our first and hopefully annual summer trip with this awesome family.
 We were so happy to get to know all the kids better. 

 Being outdoors with good friends- nothing could be better.

Cute little pals.

We loved every minute. 
Another fun get together with longtime friends. 
We are so blessed to have such good families to spend time with and learn from.

 Park day with Amy and Kirst and their awesome kids!
Aunty Amy is the best! 
Where are all my Drumheller pictures?? We went with Amy and her kids and had a beautiful day together. It made me wonder why we haven't done this more often.

 Baseball with the crabapples.
Ezra loves biking to the mailbox.

Family Mail makes it's third and probably last comeback.

 Her drawings are spectacular!
We always try to get in a few tent sleeps in the yard.