Monday, May 7, 2018


 We had a slime birthday for Ez, inspired by Aunty Lindsay.

 He wanted bacon and eggs and Pita for his birthday dinner.
 Our birthday balloon stomp tradition.

 Awesome goggles from Grammy and Baba
 and an illustrated Harry Potter book.
Jacob's birthday was next. 
 Viking Chess!

Winter Fun

  I watched Ezra struggle and work his way up this tree to reach a nest. It was the perfect opportunity for me to practise my new knowledge of "masterly inactivity."
It took him 30 min. until he finally caught hold of the nest. Hazel was at the bottom encouraging the whole time. They both came in the house yelling and jumping in place with excitement. These are glorious moments to be present for such victories.

 Our slime collection is ever growing.

Isaac loves the kitchen at our house :)

It's been pretty awesome to live on a bunny hill- Snowboarding out our back doorstep!

  Scarlet and I worked on our first corn husk doll. It was an assignment from Scarlet's Prairie Primer curriculum. Scarlet and the doll are both so beautiful!

 Pottery class!
 We all get so excited when we see Uncle Eli's business around town. 

 I have the cutest and coolest parents ever!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Life is SO good.

We had an awesome field trip to the Police Station. 
I'm so happy these girls have sisters. 
 Soft pretzels are a regular occurrence but this time the kids made them without me- 
which is even better.

 This was our trip to the Symphony. Charlie brought his two piano students with us.

 Nature journaling this year was a joy.
 The classes with Grammy were the best part!

 Baby Maddie we will love you forever!

We tried out the ice paths this year.

Hazel was riding down the bunny hill like it was nothing on her first day!

Such a fun snow day with our Beaumont pals! 

 Charlie composed music for a string quartet. He spent hours working on it and thoroughly enjoyed accompanying the performance.
 Charlie won $150 at the Canadian Contemporary Music Festival for Senior Piano.
 Hazel finished up her orchestra unit.

 I like how Hazel keeps her stuffed pug occupied with a book while she writes notes.
 Jane is the family hair stylist.

Hazel made tiny banana loaves as a surprise to put in all our Christmas mailboxes.
Thank you aunt Lisa for the Hazel sized tins.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Family Fun

School clothes shopping at Value Village :) 
After many years of garage sale collecting we are now all set up for the season.

 Beautiful mommy and beautiful baby!
 Family Thanksgiving 
 Our favorite Chef is Baba.

 Notice our awesome Turkeys in the background!

 These three really know how to shake a tail feather!

 Our annual Halloween ghosts.
 Bruce Hotel check off our bucket list.
 Isaac loves the play kitchen!
 Special sleepover with Belly.

 Halloween with cousins is the best!