Monday, April 17, 2017

Silly Pies

Some things I don't want to forget:

1. Scarlet listens to me running on the treadmill- when I start cooling down she appears with an icy cold water for me.

2. Scarlet also likes everything symmetrical. She can't stand to have things lopsided or uneven etc.

3. Ezra is obsessed with kefir. Nothing brings me greater joy than pouring him a nice cold glass of homemade kefir because it makes him SO happy!

4. Hazel calls the letter "z" a "zigzag". I will never correct it for as long as I live.

5. Hazel thinks Santa has goats. Apparently she didn't catch on to the reindeer thing. I really need to be better about teaching the kids about the whole Santa theme.

6. I gave Hazel a half-ish sized piece of pita bread and she wasn't impressed. She kept saying she wanted a "moon pita". I racked my mind- repeated the word moon pita aloud, trying to figure out what she was saying. Then I realized she wanted a whole round piece like a full moon!

7. Hazel is always seeing shapes in clouds or wood or water or her pita bites...

8. Hazel calls cucumbers, "wincumbers"

9. Hazel had a stage where she would cry and cry about growing up. She would sob, "I don't want to be older." She would also keep asking me if she was still three just to check and make sure she wasn't older yet.

10. I overheard a scene of Ezra crying about not liking a certain food before he had even tried it. Jacob was trying to reason with him and I heard him say, "Ezra, I used to think I didn't like maple syrup." He said it as in can you believe that at one point in time I was that crazy!

11. We bought eggs from a neighboring farm and their eggs happened to be white. I never realized this, but Ezra had never seen a white egg before. He cried out in astonishment, "Look at this pure, white egg!!!!" He couldn't believe his eyes.

12. Charlie was riding the quad around the yard and I hear Jane yell, "If you run over my duck, I will never forgive you!"