Monday, March 6, 2017

CHRISTMAS in the log house

"There's something inherently relaxing about spending time in a log cabin, whether it's cuddling up by the fire in the winter, or sipping lemonade on the back porch during the summer months."

~Country Living Magazine

 These two enjoyed unwrapping another addition to the Christmas village each day.
He loves nutcrackers for some reason.

 The kids all make each other gifts and Ezra made these ornaments. They turned out great!
 Christmas Klootcheh with Grammy! Our favorite treat.
 Our friends from our old neighborhood came for a playdate. We were so excited to see them again!
We played games and then had a short recital together.

 We slaved away making pompoms for some friends.
 Christmas at the barn :)
 Christmas crepes
 Christmas morning

 Scarlet put together this skip rope rhymes book for Hazel.
 Charlie wood burned the alphabet on wood discs for Hazel. He attached magnets to the backs so she could put them on her kitchen board.

 Jacob made everyone a tin with different activities inside. Hazel was a girl that skates using a magnet.
 Ezras was magnetic too. Tic tac toe.
 Charlie gifted marbles to everyone.

 Charlie wood burned  hangers.
Scarlet made catapults for the boys. 
 Jacob's tin for Charlie was a marble dream team set up.
 Charlie bought Jane some embroidery thread.
 Scarlet painted a horse for Janey.
 Jane surprised us all with crochet mittens! She made 8 pairs!
Mommy by Scarlet Eaton

The beautiful sky beats everything,
But a mom.
The waving sea beats everything,
But a mom.
The careful wind beats every thing,
But a mom
The wild deer’s fur beats every thing for its softness,
But a mom.
A mom beats everything
But nothing…

 I got some lovely art and poetry and Charlie made these cool leather bookmarks.

Games from Gramma Gail were so fun to open on Christmas eve. 

We got some leather this year to work with. We made pouches and marble bags. 

Little sleeping Christmas angel. 
We were so happy to have Grammy come spend time with us. We played some fun games together.  
  Christmas at Grammy's and Baba's
 The annual pj's picture.
 The Christmas love birds.
The other Christmas lovebirds. Where is Jared and Linda??? 
The kids had thoughtful gifts ready for Grammy's and she made all the kids book journals which they love. We update them every Tuesday :) 

Uncle J always hooks Tim up with cool Chicago stuff :)
Uncle J is such a good sport.

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