Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Days

General Conference 2016
I read this passage on a favorite blog and it perfectly described my feelings about our family traditions this year. As the kids get older they make sure these things happen like they always have year after year and it's neat to see them cling to these patterns in their lives. 
 "I've said this before, but it is such a delight to watch traditions that have taken root, take on their own life and energy - just as a tradition should. If I forget to make the sun cake, Adelaide will remember. If we're rushed about getting the wood gathered for our fire, Harper will have already done it. These things we do, that initially felt 'made up'  all those years ago when we started doing them, are now theirs so fully and deeply. It's a beautiful thing to behold."

 I am in love with this drawing of Joan of Arc.
 Scarlet LOVES Roald Dahl. Jacob and Charlie enjoy his books too, but Jane and I can't take them.
 We had a bunny rabbit hot tub maintenace guy...

 Our newest cousin. We had a heavenly hospital visit.

Piano day. 
Ezra was excited when we found this mosaic since we had just learned about them in our art class.

 Ezra and Hazel post their scripture picture on the board every day.

Hazel made this sea urchin with playdo and toothpicks.

 Scarlet started Baptism Prep. I love this time alone with her. 

Bread day at the homeschool library program.

Jane went on an overnight cello camp. 

Ezra has started his first year of homeschool science classes at the Science center.

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