Monday, January 2, 2017

Autumn 2016

 On Fridays we try to mix it up and do "fun math" instead of our workbooks. 
I caught this moment where I could feel Ezra's four year old brain really working.
 We do look forward to our Shakespeare unit. This year we learned Twelfth Night.
"Time, thou must untangle this, not I."
 Squishy Circuits have been a new science activity around here.
 I walked by and found Hazel's little arm around Jacob's neck while he did his math. These tiny moments are my favorite part of life.

The US Presidential Election 2016 was the perfect opportunity to learn more about elections and democracy. The kids were riveted. 
We set up a voting station for anyone that visited our house.
 We stopped by the science center for the giant ping pong ball explosion.
Family Book Club is the highlight of the year for me. This year we read Sign of the Beaver and discussed it weekly. Ezra had the first lesson, hence the paperbag beavers.


Hazel fell in love with seashells.  I was not expecting her to stick to this unit like glue but she LOVED it. It was the perfect topic for her! She likes to boast that she's a conchologist.

Jacob has been super interested in making up his own boardgames. The first one he made up is called Cat Chase and he's working on Cops and Robbers right now.
Scarlet enjoyed her art class this year. She only did a half year because she's in the community play now which is going to be a busy time for her. 
Lots and lots of new musical adventures this year for Ezra. 
 Mealtimes are hilarious around here. Party animals.
Grammy scheduled some really fun art classes for the grandkids. This one was about Cubism. The kids really look forward to going and seeing cousins!

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