Sunday, December 4, 2016

Charlie loves hot sauce on everything.

Jacob and Scarlet have this funny way of rolling the dice when we play games- called Lucky Pants

Ezra will often just come up to me and ask for something so I was trying to explain to him that it's polite to at least say hi first before he starts demanding things. Sometime later the same week he came up to me and said, "Mom did I say hi to you yet?" I answered yes and he replied, "I'm hungry."

Ezra will sit at the piano and listen to his piano music on his earphones and try to figure out the songs by ear. He is genuinely interested in learning the piano.

I was teaching Ezra the Louis Braille story and that led into braille and he thought about it for a moment then asks, "Ya, but how do they find the dots?" I love how he processed the new idea and had a good question about it.

When we first moved in, my dad spent days and days helping us get our well water working and teaching Timmy about the utility room stuff - on one such occasion I had brought some melon down to them for a snack while they were working. Ezra went to see them for a visit and came back up to report back to me on Timmy's behavior. He said, "I don't want to be mean, but dads not helping Baba, he's just snacking on melon."

Jane said in the car, "If I didn't get carsick, my life would be perfect."

When Hazel is trying to explain something about yesterday she says "In esterday." It's my most favorite thing she says.

Hazel loves LaraBars but she calls them LaraBards- even though she should call them SarraBars. She also calls Chess "Chest"

Hazel loves her curls and she had a time when she'd cry when she showered because she thought her curls were gone. One particular day when arrived at church after her shower and she was elated to discover her curls had come back in time for church.

I realized how much time we spend at libraries because anytime we need something- like salsa or socks or Windex- Hazel assumes we need to go to the library to pick it up.

It's been so fun having a Hazel around- it's like she makes sense of my own life because we are so much alike. She can't stand attention and it almost makes her mad if we look at her or notice her doing something. When she doesn't want to be noticed she'll say the opposite of what she's doing, for example, "I'm not taking a cookie" while in the literal act of taking one, or she's say, "I'm not crying" while she's bawling her head off. She's our only child that doesn't want to say prayers because she's so shy. She's super sensitive too. If we give her an annoyed look or express any kind of anger or disappointed she's instantly wounded for life. She also will not touch meat- she just doesn't like it, just like her momma. And then there's the brown eyes in common. I call her my dolly.

Hazel's older siblings all call her Kisty in a teasy voice and she squawks in protest but we all know she likes the adoration.