Thursday, September 22, 2016

Life is Good

Charlie entered a provincial composition competition for his piece titled, A Might Rumpus. He used the Touch Notation app to write it. He was awarded for placing in the top 4. Way to go Charlie!

This is Scarlet's lesson plan for her first day back as teaching the littles school. LOVE her!

 Love these girlies so much. They let me crash their party one morning and it was so nice to catch up.
 I love her curlies.
 It's always a treat to spend time with the Spencer family.
We met them for the Street Performers Festival. They braved the fountains after!
The Cahoon's are our newest pals. They've really taken us under the wing since we moved into a new ward. We are thankful.

I found this poem that my brother Eli wrote for me such a long time ago. 
Sometimes I just want to be a kid again.

 Handome Ezra at church. He loves his bowtie from his friend Riley.
 Grammy spoiled us with a Famoso pizza party after the symphony. She likes to be fun and spontaneous and I like to dig my heels in and be an Eeyore. I worry about late nights and tired kids and too much junk food and all those kinds of things but it's always fun in the end :) 
My friend Lisa has led me into the fermenting world and I don't know how I survived before? Just ferment everything. That's all you need to know. OK well maybe not this many carrots... 

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Laurie said...

I rediscovered your blog this morning and I am devouring it and copying the link to everyone I know—particularly family members who are continually mopey about having your part of the family off the grid. I love and admire you so much. I love your brilliant patterns of sweetness, simplicity, and creativity. THANKS!