Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Scoopy Loo turns 7

Miss Scarlet is a natural teacher. She just loves to plan and teach the littles school. I love the new ideas she comes up with on her own.

 She just loved this book from Grammy by Julie Andrews

Can't have a party for Scarlet without Klootcheh.
 She got some beautiful doll clothes for her American doll.

 She had some favorite friends come to play too. 

 This is Scarlet meeting new baby Jason. He was a darling boy.
 Scarlet is shy but she does such a great job at her piano recitals.
 She loves to wear stick on nails.
 She got to have her bestie Lil come on vacation with us. Lily just felt like one of our own.
 Scarlet was in theatre camp this year with her brothers. She was surprisingly brave. She even did a little hip sway that we all like impersonate.
I came across these old pics below and my heart almost cracked in half. I miss this little face. 

 Scarlet has been caring for her very own duck this year. She named her Lilleth after her friend Lily.
 She wears moccasins to church because she lost her new church shoes. So cool!

Her poetry book she wrote finally came in the mail.

I came across this important tea party recently. Scarlet goes straight for the china dolls whenever we are at a thrift store. It reminds me of when our Emma friend was little. 

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