Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hazey Daisy is Three!!

She got this hand-me-down dress from the Zeldenrust's and literally lived in it for months.
Our tradition is to make peanut butter cookies for her tea parties. 
She looked so little in the chair. She's obsessed with "Blasses"
Pony tail!
Hazel got to have popcorn and a movie with her pal Vila.
The Love of Learning Lab is perfect for Hazel's age.

Finally got out Grammy's bubble maker.
I love these lunch hour conversations.
Art on the church chairs.

She calls this nightgown "Strawbiddy" 

 Nutella Nila Cookies with Bananas for a birthday cake
 We found this teapot flower pot for her to use for a fairy garden.

 Grammy and Baba found the perfect sticker book. She goes through a sticker book a day these days.
Birthday squeezes and kisses.

She got her ears pierced for her birthday with me and Scarlet. She was really brave. Her eyes filled with tears and she looked at me ready to cry but then swallowed it for the next one. It was pretty sad but then she was in earring heaven. 
She left with a few accessories to go with her new earrings :)

Hazel calls goggles "oggles" and sparkles "freckles" and perogies "frowgies" and river "ribber" and hot tub is "hot dog" and sharp is "shark."

She thinks her mom smells like sparkles and her dad smells like church.

Sometimes she surprises us and says something like "good grief" at just the right moment.

She's been using the word "now" in the funniest contexts-
basically she puts it at the end of all her sentences.

 She will tell me something and then say, "Know that?"

One time I was tucking her in and it was pitch dark in the room and she said, "Mom, I can't open my eyes." I totally knew what she meant- her eyes were open but she couldn't see anything!

She loves eating pita, organic Fudgsicles from Costco, raisins in her cottage cheese, smoothies,  crackers and hummus with Ez and Larabars (but we call them "Sarrabars").

Monday, June 6, 2016

Catch Up

Hazel and Ezra got some special Valentine treats. I'm consciously trying to not lose steam with my last couple of kids!
 We make these same googley eye valentines every year.
 Scarlet enjoys grinding the wheat for her chore. Bless her heart because it's loud and messy!
 Jane and her lovely teacher played a concert at Grammy's together. It was her Suzuki Volume 2 graduation.
We've spent many hours exploring at our Edmonton Science Center, but the Rubik's Cube exhibit was by far our favorite. The three big kids can easily solve a cube in a minute now- they barely have to even look as they do it!

 Jane helped the workers finish the Rubik's cube Alberta flag.
They couldn't have done it without this guy. He was a Rubik's master!
Mark was just a leetle bit threatened by the kids whipping him at the cube...
More science center fun.

Jane even wrote the science center a business letter because we think it's so great and received a very thoughtful letter back.
 This little darling!!
 How does this happen?!
Jane has been so excited about going to the temple. 
I got to take her for her first time and we had a lovely visit. 
Jane and Jacob got letters back for their stories they submitted to Polar Expressions Publishing. 
 We had a short fieldtrip at the Police Station. We even got to hear a guy in a cell banging and yelling as we walked around. YIKES! 
The boys had a terrific basketball season. They both work so hard on the court. 
 The both also earned their 6 star Cub Scout plaques.

Sarra is 35!

The best way to get old is to share it with these two friends! Although I'm not too sure how I feel about surprise parties...

Jane of course made me more of my favorite dishcloths.

That time Scarlet ordered seven strawberry smoothies on her own and it all worked out perfectly.
I still dream about these muffins Lance brought me. Is it just because she made them that I loved them so much? I will never know...
I just figured out the secret to liking getting old- just have magical birthday times with all my pals!!