Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ezra is Four

We had waffles for Ezra's birthday. And of course his favorite Persian yogurt pop.
He got a watch and has started to learn how to tell time along with Scarlet.
His favorite chore is laundry. He has laundry stamina! He will fold a whole load and deliver all the piles afterward. It's AWESOME!
He bonked his head on the desk and had to have his head stapled. I don't think I've ever been more frustrated. I couldn't stand that he hurt his head again. 
I was sitting right next to him, just like last time. 

We love this train driver guy.
The older boys usually pick out prizes at piano for Ezra. This time it was sunglasses :)
Puppy party in the pen. They kept cheering together "Group hug!!"
Jacob has taught Ez how to play all kinds of board games. Like difficult games that he can't possibly understand and who wants to play Monopoly-ish games with a four year old? Not me.
 What a nice brother.
He's been enjoying the Lego table while Charlie practices.
I love when he gets out the busy bags on his own.
He's been soaking up some intense homeschool this year. This was the finger play the kids did of The Merchant of Venice. Now we hear Ezra quote Shakespeare around the house..."My dear Antonio, I need 3000 ducats to win my fair lady Portia..."
I like when he's in the imagination zone. My favorite is when he plays "Harry" with Scarlet and Jacob. They let him join in as "Crocky".
Somehow Hazel has started to play too. All I know is she'll call Ez "Grandfather". So I guess that makes her Crocky's grandaughter?
We did an Arctic animals unit- mostly so we could do the blubber 
experiment and make these cute seals. Scarlet did a good job helping him.
We collected all of our arctic animals from around the house and brought in some snow.

We learned about waterproof penguin feathers.
Ezra's first lapbook.
When the big kids go to piano the littles go to Treehouse or Costco. 
Ezra's been determined about counting and writing his numbers to 100. He's got it down and has been teaching Hazel. It's so neat to see kids persist on their own- there's 
really no stopping it once their ready. He's been reminding me of Scarlet when she became insatiable for learning. I can barely keep up with stimulating activities. Yesterday I was packing for our move and Ezra kept asking and asking about letter sounds. He was going through each letter and making sure he knew all the sounds. Then he used the alphabet puzzle as reference to help him with the words he was sounding out in his reader. Finally I stopped what I was doing so I could soak up the moment. He was literally reading. Totally self taught reading. It was AMAZING to behold.
We finished his first chapter book. He was on the edge of his seat for this one, not at first, but once we got started he wouldn't let me put it down.

-Ezra likes to help me cut mushrooms for dinner. He likes to eat them too- but only raw, not cooked. --Hazel likes to copy everything Ezra does- including the mushroom cutting. I love how she calls a butter knife a peanut butter sword. What the??
-One day it smelled funny outside- like a weird factory smell was wafting in the wind. Ezra took a whiff and remarked, "It smells like a "chickmunk" out here!"
-Me: Ezra go get your scripture out of the scripture cupboard.
Ezra: I don't know where it is.
Me: Yes you do.
Ezra: Mom, I know where it is, I just said that because I didn't want to go get it. 
- We all LOVE Ezra, even though he can't be bothered to answer any of us most of the time.


Lew said...

So fun to catch up on sweet Ezra! So amazing that he is reading! And, I need to hear more about you guys moving!?! Where?

Rachael Spencer said...

oh my goodness. All your children are adorable but I have an extra soft spot for Ezra. If you wake up one day and he's gone, you know where to look! :-) I also might take the granddaughter, but only if her grandpa says so.