Monday, December 7, 2015

We Live in a Solar,la,la...

We've used the spoons to teach upper and lower case. They've gone down the line to Ezra, now one more kid to go...
This is what packing up for piano looks like for three kids. About literally 85 pounds of music books. But we don't mind because we have the BEST music teacher in the UNIVERSE. The 85 pounds may be an exaggeration, but the best in the universe part is not. She's been a blessing to our family in so many ways. 

Ezra is following in Jacob's footsteps- he's our new dot-to-dot man. He's already doing 1-40. What a guy.

We studied Edgar Allen Poe for October since his poems are so freaky. Notice the raven up in the corner of the room. I snuck it up there so that after we read The Raven I could scare them half to death...
Rotate and Revolve practice for our Solar System unit. 
Planet distances from the sun with t.p.

Learning about the planets was fascinating for all. It's probably one of our favorite things we've learned thus far. Even Hazel and Ezra got into it. Hazel can say all the planets in order at the tender year of two and Ezra can tell you all about Mercury. We went to the Observatory at the science center as part of this study unit, and watched Hubble the Imax movie which was neato.

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