Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Is Coming

 Scarlet was an awesome little giver this Christmas. She wrapped all the ornaments for Ezra's Joy School tree and made sure he had one on his tray each morning. She also made these seashell hair pins for her favorite peeps.

 Sunday morning family history homework from Aunty Linda.
 I wood burned spoons to go with homemade chocolate sauce for our neighbors and home and visiting teaching friends. It was a fun project.
 A family in our neighborhood turns their yard into a Christmas lights wonderland, complete with blasting Christmas carols. They even leave a poster on the mailbox inviting the neighborhood to drive in and enjoy. So awesome.
Scarlet got to go with Grammy and Belly to their ward Christmas party. Grammy is so pretty!
 Jane is loving her Christmas booties from her friend Ava.
Scarlet took time to really teach Hazel and Ezra the Christmas story. She did such a lovely job. They prepared a FHE to share too. However, I did overhear Ezra saying something about an angel flying down and teaching a camel the gospel?? Also, we may need to clarify that it's Santa rather than Jesus who comes down the chimney and eats the cookies and milk. Other than that, Scarlet really did do a lovely job.

 Found this beauty at the Value Village- Merry Christmas to me.
 What will I do without a little to make a sensory bin for someday.
 Christmas pomanders. They smell delightful.

 We had a beautiful Christmas at Grammy and Baba's. We arrived on Saturday and had our annual Christmas concert. Jacob was in charge this year and did a terrific job organizing it. Then we slept over and went to church together. The next day the rest of the fam showed up and we had fun playing games and eating lots and lots and lots of gooooood food. We acted out the Nativity which is always interesting... no beaver costume this year but baba joined in as a wise man so that was a treat. We slept over for another night and had Christmas morning. Then we hung around and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before shrimp and steak dinner!! So 

 The big surprise this year was a new pug puppy for Baba. He was so surprised!

 Grammy and Baba brought these real china dolls all the way home from their trip to Europe. All the little girls loved their special new doll.

 I love reading books by the tree.
 This was our Christmas back at our house. The kids opened their new extra warm socks before they went skating on Christmas eve.

The kids all gave the gifts they had for each other on Christmas eve too. It was exciting to finally give them since it's pretty tough waiting that long for these littles. They all worked really hard to have something for each one of their siblings. Lots of creative ideas I never would have thought of!

Christmas Klootcheh cookies and milk before bed. They all slept together in Charlie's room. I thought they'd never go to sleep...

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