Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fall Has Arrived

We've been wanting to stop at this spot for years!

 We had a beautiful time enjoying the fall colors in the river valley.
 We did a pond study at the Nature Center. 

 I love how the littles learn from the older kids.
  They were scooping out all kinds of creatures.
 Our favorite part of Fall is General Conference
We have established some fun traditions to help the kids listen. 

 Jared and Linda came over to watch a session with us, which was nice. Jared of course got a crazy tickle to death attack from the kids- I was worried he was going to have a heart attack. 

Then afterwards, Linda taught them their first Family History class. 
It's been awesome to see the kids get excited about family history. Just this morning, I found Jacob teaching Ezra what he knows so far. We are lucky to have such an expert teacher :) 
I've been reading We Walked to Zion to supplement the class and of course I make sure they get their family history homework done. We've also started writing in our journals every Sunday as part of what we're learning about record keeping and keeping the Sabbath day.
 This was what the kids woke up to Sunday morning of General Conference. I stayed up late counting all their tally's from the first 2 sessions then counted out their loot.

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