Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fall Festivities

 We can always count on Jane for a spectacular center piece.
 Ezra and his pal. They both love to play trains.
 Ezra has been in Darth mode.
 Jane and her good friend from our neighborhood- two peas in a pod. She's Dutch so we stopped by the Dutch shop so she could show us around. We left with salty black liquorice candy. It's was so salty I had to yell out my car window to recover... 
 Scarlet is a lone olive ranger in our family. She LOVES them so much that I give her cans of olives as toothfairy prizes.
 This is the day we found out Ezra could spell his name. Not sure how he figured it out, but I'm assuming it was Mrs. Carols aka Scarlet.
 Playdo mats are genius.
 Our handsome apple eating boy.
 Charlie has been chugging through the Harry Potter series this fall. I love how he takes his basket outside packed with a blanket, book, and snack.
 Loved this darling note from Scarlet.
 And this one from Ezra.
It was delightful teaching Ezra the Christmas story this year. He understood it instantly, as though the beauty of it all made perfect sense to his pure child mind. 

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