Sunday, November 29, 2015


Uncle Albert hooks us up with Galaxyland tickets every Halloween. It's a major highlight of their existence- especially Charlie's. This was Hazel's first year getting in on the action. She's just like the rest of them- not afraid for one moment. I sort of sneaked her on the kid dragon roller coaster and then got worried she'd be terrified but she loved it and didn't want off.
I was watching Ezra on the bumper cars and literally was laughing out loud by myself like really hard. He was weaving around like a superstar- it was SO WEIRD! The other kids were all jammed in the same place, stuck and he just cruised by everyone going round and round with one hand on the wheel. I got a video bc we have some uncles and a baba that would be extremely proud.
This fall we planned a cousin Halloween party. 
I love this picture of Scarlet and Ezra waiting for their cousins to arrive.
Jenny scared all the kids half to death- †he adult entertainment.
Scarlet rocked her witch costume for the third year in a row.
Ezra fit in nicely with the cousins Star Wars theme.
We bobbed for apples and Jacob lost a tooth in an apple!
We did donut on a string, carved a pumpkin, had a treasure hunt, made hotdog mummies 
and had a bondfire, then went out trick or treating. 

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