Sunday, November 8, 2015

Apples and Bikes and Fairy Soup

Every year around harvest time Timmy says the same thing, "I'd be happy if all we planted was onions and zucchini."

 Fairy Soup

 Ezra has started an intense obsession with Darth Vader. He marches around in his Darth cape and mask humming the Imperial March. He's never even seen Star Wars? Take note of his awesome drawing- first he colored the Darth coloring sheet, then he drew his own :)
We finally got to have Belly over for some fun cousin time. I loved how she spent time playing with all the kids so naturally- she played K'nex with Charlie and dolls with Scarlet and trains with Ezra... And now I know that at bedtime Scarlet likes the light off and Belly likes it on :) It was extra fun to have her on such a beautiful fall day. She got to be here for the annual rake and jump party. The only thing that would have made it better was if Henry had come too.

 I think we have another animal lover on our hands. Hazel reminds me so much of Jane when it comes to animals. She spends hours with Obi the bunny.
We had another gorgeous fall day at Grammy's picking apples. She has the most magical apple trees. Everything Grammy touches turns into beauty I think (for example, see hydrangeas below).
We didn't leave an apple in sight by the time we finished.

Who else grows giant balls of hydrangea wonder?!?!

Ezra learned to ride his bike this summer at exactly three and a half years old. He caught on SO fast!! I guess that's what happens with big brothers to keep up with. 

Scarlet worked hard learning how to thread the sewing machine, then after she became familiar with that we worked on the pedal pressure. 
Before long she was finishing her first project- a bandana tablecloth!

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Elizabeth said...

Your goodness is just squishing out of you Sarra... you are a wonder star!