Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Adventures

By far our most exciting field trip this year was visiting Uncle Eli at his office. He started Park Lanscaping from scratch so we are all super proud of him. 
His office was so posh. Fancy artwork and creative corners everywhere. 
I was impressed with all the details.

 Then I saw his desk and files and white board and I got overwhelmed. I can't believe how much he can handle at once! I almost had to crawl inside my turtle shell just thinking about it. The coolest part is that Eli is always positive and happy, even though he's continually under so much pressure. I hope I can learn from his and not let a long list of things to do determine my mood.
Timmy and I got to see Purity Ring's free show on Churchill Square with mom and Mariah.
 Charlie got a magical bunny, Obi. He's a cool dude, with one ear up and one down :)
We got to celebrate birthdays at the Voravong's. 
We've been having a crazy intense family Yahtzee tournament. 
Jacob visited the Edmonton Chess Club and found out he could be a Provincial contender if he was interested. They told me he'd be the highest rank kid in the club if he joined. Apparently it's unheard of for a kid to be self-taught at his age so it was nice to hear he's on track thus far.  
 Ezra tried out the writing to a Disney character and got a postcard back. He didn't know any of the Mickey Mouse characters on the postcard though so it wasn't all that exciting.
 One day I told the kids we were going to the library then I drove up to the trampoline park. They had never been so it was a fun surprise :)
We went for a hike in the river valley one day. 

The kids put on a mini concert on the outdoor piano in St Albert.  

We had a little Birthday for Linds and she gave us soccer lessons. 

 Ukrainian Village was way more fun than it sounded. It was awesome!

 Scarlet decided to color rocks and sell them instead of lemonade. She worked so hard. She started early in the morning and was still working at it by dinner time. She made around $8. That evening she overheard me talking to Tim about needed a giant stock pot at Costco right now. I was explaining that I don't have a pot big enough to make enough for us and company or to make enough for left overs. She quietly walked over to me and gave me all the money she made from selling her rocks! "Here you go mom, you can have my money for your pot." It was the cutest moment.

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