Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Life Is Good

 I do love this little "Naytriss" girl! She just loves the garden.

 The Legislature tour is fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed it. 

 I found this old bedroom set on Kijiji. I love it because it reminds me of the one I had as a girl. 

Scarlet's summer project has been opening a flower shop in the sunroom. She even has a delivery man with a mustache :)

 Scarlet with Grammy's new puppy Marigold.

Her defence elbow move means get out of my space!

Holy poofy hair! Ezra named his pet beetle "Biggletree"

Calvin and Hobbes addicts.

 We had a fun night making salad rolls- one of my favorites. We were inspired by the Voravong's.

Grammy came over to do some juicing with us.

Finally some park days.

Scarlet's flower shop encouraged some money learning. We made some containers to learn the worth of coins. Ezra especially liked this.

Scarlet and I went on a date to the tea shop. She picked out a bubble gum pink teapot as her prize for finishing her school work this year.

I love that Jane does her math by a candlelight. Such a romantic...

Simplicity Parenting, p. 92 "Consider the different levels and varieties of light in your home… I have found it wonderfully powerful to have at least one point in a child’s day that includes the light of a candle. It may be just before bedtime, an interlude between day and night. Children love the light of a candle and the magical circle of its glow."

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