Thursday, June 4, 2015

The're Growing Up and It's Dreadful

 Hazel likes to put her dollies to bed. Scarlet says she often finds her dolls all tucked into her bed after Hazel's been around. It's too bad someone has to be the one without a younger sibling to take care of- little Hazel, deprived of a real baby dolly. Hopefully all the attention she gets will make up for it.
Jane's teacher says Jane's grown like a weed this year. Her cello can barely keep up!

This was awesome. The kids participated in the Mini Docs program at the U of A. They got to be doctors for the day- scrubs, real stethoscopes, and doctor kits full of cool stuff. They went around to different stations and learned about medicine with the 2 year med students.

Scarlet is becoming more "Naytriss" by the second. I can't keep her in the house which also means I can't keep her feet or clothes clean and she doesn't care a lick about any of those problems. She's our chief rhubarb picker and garden status announcer.

Linds and her 2 ducklings came for a visit. If she only knew how much sunshine she brings with her. We all just hang on her every word. We have nothing but pure adoration for her.

Eli sent over gravel for our driveway and it was quite the family event. We all felt cool about his fancy dump truck with Park written on the side. We recently went on a field trip to his office to learn about how to start a successful business from scratch. The kids prepared questions and sort of interviewed him. It was interesting and adorable at the same time.

Birthdays at Gramma's. Always a fun time!

Can you tell she loves her new puppy, Marigold!? But then how could you not. Seriously. I love that Timmy knew our childhood pug, Poppy- it's made him into a pug lover too. It's prerequisite to be a true Dehghani. 

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