Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Nature Center day. Love this place.
 Highschool Basketball Provincials with our pals.

 His counting box :)
 Science class in action.
 Why do I feel like such a fun mom every time I do this?
 The Persian attire is a family tradition around here.
 Scarlet's first composition, "Raindrops".
 The Enjoy Center. My personal favorite outing.
 Ezra named his new orange flowers "King Leard". Yes, Lear-d with a "D". He's obviously been overhearing our Shakespeare classes.
 Charlie's been loving his bike odometer. It keeps track of all his many biking miles.
All 6 kids playing in one tree. Notice the clothes hanging on hangers from the branches. If you're playing house in a tree, you still need your clothes...
We had our annual optometrist visit and it was a disaster. The kids all have signs of having my eyes. I felt sick after. Let it be known that Scarlet tried to fake her eye exam so she could get glasses- as if me and the doctor would fall for that!

 This is my first Selfie. I don't really get it. Is it like, "I'm actually wearing make-up for once and want my posterity to know I wasn't hideous all the time" ? Because that's what this one was. But I think I'm good now for at least 4 more years.
 Scarlet is a relentless teacher. She puts a lot of pressure on Ezra to get into her lessons and I think she forgets he's only 3! She calls herself Mrs. Carols or Mrs. Melody.
 Snow sensory play. I do love the sensory bin.

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